Internet of Things

We are an IOT solution provider for industries. Our team has experience in design/development of Industrial Automation and IOT systems. Our industry experience includes developing automation systems for manufacturing plants and Power generation plants. We have expertise in design and development of HMI, SCADA systems, Remote monitoring and Condition monitoring and maintainence systems.We use our experience in industrial domain in proposing the right IOt solution for your business.

Internet of Things requirements all doesn't fit in a same box. Device count, data frequency, data volume, security requirements, data processing time, analytical requirement all differ from case to case.

Your need could be to manage parallel upload of huge datasets or a system that can work over low bandwidth networks.

BlueRipples can help you to identify the right tools and techniques to address Your IOT requirements.


We Cover

  • Solution Architecture

    Solution Architecture

  • Time Series Data Management

    Time Series Data Management

  • Data Analytics

    Data Analytics

  • Protocol Integration

    Protocol Integration

  • Data Visualization

    Data Visualization

  • Enterprise Integration

    Enterprise Integration